What We Do

What We Are Doing in 2021


Many women veterans return home to the same stressors as their male counterparts.  However, they have additional issues such as children who might be angry because their “mom” left them, a nation that still does not fully understand or recognize their contributions and sacrifices and economic disparity.

The Retreat for Women Veterans will provide a community atmosphere, designed to address these issues and others twice a year.  These retreats will be facilitated by highly respected wellness practitioners who will provide  practical tools for personal empowerment.


This healing modality is recognized for its successful use with people who suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, depression, and trust issues. equine therapy program Although very costly, the Foundation is proud to be able to offer this opportunity to women who have served our nation. As one of the woman veterans said, “My horse taught me to problem solve, set boundaries and stay focused on the moment.  It has been life-changing for me.”


Many types of emotional support  require in-person contact—that is not the case with EFT. Emotional Free Techniques Once learned, these techniques can be used by anyone anywhere and at any time.  This well-documented modality is used to control stress, negative emotions, and thoughts—common issues among women veterans.  The response to EFT was so positive that the Foundation underwrote the cost of professional training for one of our veterans who will now make a career out of helping others to live healthy and happy lives.


Some people look at life as a glass half full and others as a glass half empty.  It is true that life is full of challenges.  However, life is also full of opportunities and successes.  It is all about how one looks at these events.  This monthly program is designed to give voice to issues and learn how to use a positive lens to find a solution.


In partnership with the Town of Greenburgh, New York and The Greenburgh Public Library, the Foundation has proposed the design and construction of a pocket size garden that will publicly honor the contributions of the over 2 million women who have sacrificed to keep our nation safe.  It will be a place that all community members can enjoy while finding peace while reading, meditating, or just sitting among the beautiful plants.

The Foundation’s hope is that this Peace Garden will be used to encourage other communities throughout the United States to use some of their public space to honor their women veterans. peace garden

A Few Words About 2020…

It is a year that will be remembered for the devastating impact of Covid-19 and the social unrest that swept across the United States.  The Barbara Giordano Foundation used this time to go virtual in order to keep everyone safe while offering the emotional, wellness and informational support that our women veterans needed in these challenging times.  We did this by providing MORE THAN 50 PROGRAMS—ALL FREE—on topics ranging from horticulture therapy, chair yoga, effective communication and conversation strategies, Emotional Freedom Techniques to how and why clutter affects the brain.  The Barbara Giordano Foundation also offered a day-long interactive Retreat for Women Veterans that covered everything from meditation to forgiveness.