You’re Invited to Stay At Home  

stay at home fundraiser

Don’t pick up your gown or tux from the dry cleaner

Don’t call the babysitter

Instead… Get comfy on your couch and stay at home. Be happy with all of the money you just saved and make a donation

therapies for women veterans

The Foundation is raising funds to provide much needed programs and services for women veterans.
We aim to provide therapies for PTSD, sexual trauma and difficulty transitioning to civilian life as well as, services to improve social and economic independence.

5 Sessions of Equine Therapy: $1000

1 Session of Equine Therapy: $200

1 Session of Music Therapy: $100

1 Session of Art Therapy: $100

Employment Coaching: $50

Resume Writing: $25

General Donation: Any amount

Fundraiser for women veterans