2021 Programs and Workshops  


Cookies & Conversations

Join us monthly for discussions, interviews and information geared toward women veterans! Cookies and Conversations will be held on the second Thursday of EVERY month. To register, please email [email protected]
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conversations for women veterans


Equine Therapy For Women Veterans

A program for women who served
An alternative and proven approach to PTSD, MST and difficulty transitioning to civilian life.

Starting on Wednesday, September 15

To register, please email [email protected] or call 914-686-8002


Peace Garden Honoring Women Veterans 

This Peace Garden will be the first public Peace Garden to honor the now, over 2 million women veterans in the United States. 

peace garden honoring women veterans click to donate

Peace garden progress Progress photo of the Peace Garden – October 2021

Embrace Change! 

To register, please email [email protected]