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alexaOur programs and services are shaped by the needs enumerated by focus groups of women veterans. They told us that programs and services that address the ‘whole’ woman are not readily available and that the systems of services available to women veterans are difficult to navigate. Our Program and Services Plan addresses these issues.

Locally we envision holding two in-person Summits annually in our community bringing together business, education, wellness and military communities where women veterans can experience workshops, discussions and lectures designed to assist them in making full use of their benefits as well as provide guidance, information and direct experience of a range of holistic wellness modalities. The women will have the opportunity to sign up for courses, degree programs, jobs and or job training, data that we will track to ensure that our mission produces long-term and real substantive change for these women. As a result of feedback that we received from our previous Education and Wellness summit, we have partnered with Women’s Economic Development Center (WEDC) to provide a 60-hour entrepreneurship program specifically geared to Women Veterans.

We are working on establishing a Wellness Community and are in the process of acquiring property. We envision a community that will provide transitional housing, career training and healing modalities. Our plan is to replicate this model in other parts of the country. Locally, we have partnered with Pegasus Therapeutic Riding to provide a 5-session program geared to helping Women Veterans rebuild healthy relationships.

NOTE: Our goal is not to replicate services already existing in the community. Rather we seek to partner with or complement other organizations that support the population we are committed to serve. Why a Community-Based model is the most effective solution to meet the needs of veterans is explained below.



What is Community-Based Care?

Community-based care is a collection of services provided by local community organizations which complement the resources provided by government. The strength of community-based care for veterans (and for any population) is that it is holistic. When done well, it can reduce both barriers to access and stigma for those who need and use services. It also recognizes the unique character of each community, allowing a tailored system that meets the needs in that particular place and time. It is fiscally sound because it uses existing community resources. Lastly, it can serve the dual purposes of providing easily accessible care while educating and engaging the larger community. A community-based care approach makes even more sense for veterans and their families now that most do not live on or near traditional military installations.

From A Blueprint for Serving Veterans & FamiliesVeterans Outreach Center, Inc., Rochester, NY