Designed to help women veterans by providing tools and insight that enable them to live a healthier life and how to access additional health and wellness services.

Jan 21: Session 1—SELF

Challenges faced by women veterans when they return home from service

Unique health and wellness issues

Steps that they can take to help themselves

Jan 28: Session 2—FAMILY

Challenges faced by women veterans as mothers, parents, children and siblings when they return home from service

What should people understand about military service for women

New family dynamics-Unique issues of unmarried women veterans

Children and their varied reactions and needs

Feb 4: Session 3—FRIENDS AND WORK

The difference between friends and colleagues

What friends should understand about women in military service

Appropriate work etiquette

How to use military service to your advantage at work

Feb 11: Session 4—COMMUNITY

A panel discussion regarding the resources that are available for WOMEN veterans and recently passed and upcoming legislation that will address women veterans unique needs of women veterans

*Each session will include the opportunity to ask questions of the panel.

You must register to attend . For more information or to register, please email [email protected]