The Foundation is named after the late Barbara E. Giordano, a nurse, hospital administrator and author who championed the cause for every patient, demanding the best of care for each individual.

While she possessed an incredible knowledge of “traditional” medicine, she had a strong dedication to holistic health education programs for women.


Over the past 20 years…

  • Native American Nurses: The Foundation has underwritten the cost of state exams for Native American nurses, enabling them to return to their reservations and practice medicine.
  • Meditation Workshops: for oncology nurses and caregivers.
  • Movement and Yoga Classes: for Senior Citizens living on a fixed income, allowing them to participate in a wellness program that supports both health and social connections.
  • College Scholarships: The Foundation has underwritten college scholarships for women victims of domestic abuse, enabling them to become financially independent.
  • Music Therapy: Musical programs for hospice patients, their families and staff members, allowing them to share the joy of music and dance.
  • Annual Day of Healing: For 8 years the Foundation conducted a day long free event for women living with chronic physical, mental or emotional conditions. The day focused on health and nutritional education as well as on massage, Reiki, and other personalized services.
  • Public Workshops and Seminars: A sampling includes: Foods that Heal; Dreams and Their Interpretation; Eliminating Chronic Pain from Your Life; The Healing Art of Feldenkrais and Autism; The Creation and Potential Power of a Personal Vision Board; and The Importance of Laughter.