2020 Events  



  Women’s Retreat (Virtual)

November 8 • 1 – 4:30pm EST

 If you would are interested in registering or receiving more information, please email [email protected] or CLICK HERE.


The Healing Power of a Personal Labyrinth (Virtual)

October 1 7 – 8:00pm EST

Participants will experience a brief presentation of what labyrinths are and what they may be used for. Our focus will relate to the mind, body, spirit connection and the use of a labyrinth as a meditative tool and to connect with self and creativity. Participants will learn how to make a couple different versions of simple, miniature labyrinths using common materials. To register, email [email protected]

 Chair Yoga (Virtual)

October 6 & 20 7 – 8:00pm EST

It is a easy way for adults to loosen and stretch painful muscles, reduce stress, improve circulation, reduce anxiety and lower blood pressure by building strength and balance. To register, email [email protected]


 Clutter: The Silent Enemy in Our Homes & Heads (Virtual)

October 9 4 – 5:00pm EST

Why we save things; what is clutter; what does it represent; how to change your mindset about things and finally the steps to declutter. Led by Liz Maffucci. the Clutter Warrior. To register, email [email protected]