The Bathrobe Ball  

Your Absence is Requested on 12.07.19

The pleasure of your absence is requested on Saturday, December 7 , 2019 when you can do whatever you want.

  • Spend a quiet evening at home.
  • Enjoy dinner at your favorite restaurant.
  • Dodge traffic.
  • Avoid speeches.
  • Skip the Silent Auction.
  • Pass on small talk.

No need to buy a new outfit or make a hair appointment. All you need to do is donate to enable us to continue providing services to help women veterans.

Your generous donation will provide therapies for PTSD, sexual trauma, difficulty transitioning to civilian life and services to improve social and economic independence.

5 Sessions of Equine Therapy: $1000

1 Session of Equine Therapy: $200

1 Session of Music Therapy: $100

1 Session of Art Therapy: $100

Employment Coaching: $50

Resume Writing: $25

General Donation: Any amount