About Us


The Barbara Giordano Foundation, Inc.’s vision is to create a holistic wellness model which can be replicated throughout the United States and result in the emotional, economic and physical empowerment of women veterans.


The Barbara Giordano Foundation Inc. is committed to the personal and professional growth of women veterans. We exist as a holistic resource center bringing together business, education, wellness, military and community organizations to provide women veterans with opportunities for long-term economic independence and personal empowerment.

Did You Know ?

Women make up 16% of active forces.

18% of them are military officers

The top 5 states with the largest number of military recruits are: California, Texas, Florida, Georgia and New York

About 9% of the veterans’ homeless population is women

Deborah Samson Gannette of Plymouth, MA was one of the first American soldiers. In 1782, she enlisted under the name of her deceased brother, Robert. For 17 months she served in the Continental Army during the American Revolution. She was wounded twice.

World War I – 13,000 women served

World War II – 350,000 women served — 200 nurses died

Korean War – 120,000 women served — 16 women died

Vietnam  – 265,000 women served — 8 women’s names are on the memorial in Washington, D.C.

345,000 women have deployed since 9/11

Our Board of Directors

The Barbara Giordano Foundation Inc. is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization overseen by a highly active and supportive Board of Directors.

sample8Virginia Giordano – Board Chair
Catherine Mayus, JD – Board Member, Special Events
Angelina Mendes, PhD – Board Member, Veterans Program Strategy
Tashany Myers, Captain Army Nurse Corp – Board Member, Veterans Program Strategy
Kristyn Briez Reed, USAF Iraqi Freedom Veteran – Board Member, Veterans Program Strategy
Phyllis Finn – Board Member, Community Liaison

The Foundation seeks to augment the Board with new members to assist in the oversight and fulfillment of our mission. In particular Board Members with skills in fundraising, grant writing and marketing are needed as well as new Board Members who are women veterans. If you believe in our mission and wish to apply to serve on the Board, or want to refer a suitable candidate, please contact us via our CONTACT PAGE and one of the Board Members will help you with the application process.


Barbara Giordano

The Foundation is named after the late Barbara Giordano, a nurse, hospital administrator and author who championed the cause for every patient, demanding the best of care for each individual.

While she possessed an incredible knowledge of “traditional” medicine, she had a strong dedication to holistic health education programs for women.


Over the first 20 years…

of the Foundation’s existence, the focus was on the empowerment of all women. Therefore, the Foundation provided:

  • Financial Support: The Foundation has underwritten the cost of state exams for Native American nurses, enabling them to return to their reservations and practice medicine.
  • Meditation Workshops: for oncology nurses and caregivers.
  • College Scholarships: The Foundation has underwritten college scholarships for women victims of domestic abuse, enabling them to become financially independent.
  • Annual Day of Healing: For 8 years the Foundation conducted a day long free event for women living with chronic physical, mental or emotional conditions. The day focused on health and nutritional education as well as on massage, Reiki, and other personalized services.

Over the last 3 years…

when the Foundation focused its mission solely on the unique needs of women veterans, we have provided:

  • Health and Wellness Summit
  • Education and Employment Summit
  • Salute to Women Veterans
  • Distribution of Clothing and Personal Needs to women veterans